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Title:The Troubadour's Live Photocast of Oil Creek 100
Date:Saturday October 13th, 2012
Author:Rich Limacher
Well now, it's even *later* than it was earlier, when I first posted this "photocast" onsite at Oil Creek in Titusville, Pennsylvania! So, how about that? In fact, it is over a whole week later! And I'm now resting comfortably "in a safe, undisclosed location"--just like my Congressman, which is no joke! He happens to be Jesse Jackson, Jr. Watch your TV News. :-(

But I digress. What I actually did want to do here right now was to sort of summarize this whole amazing "well-oiled" experience and put something of a cap--if not a glow--on it for all posterity.

First, I must give a public shout-out to Tom Jennings, Race Director Extraordinaire who, together with his small army of volunteers, put on one of the very best ultramarathoning events witnessed by yours troubly in many a year. Everything was spot-on! Near perfect! Even the weather!! Neither I nor Bill was aware of a single complaint. To my knowledge, nobody got lost and nearly everyone had the time of their lives. I've since been privileged to read many email messages sent to the race's website (I presume) or to Tom, its RD, and... wow!!! Races should be so lucky as to receive this kind of positive feedback! I'm also told these three event races (the 50K, 100K, and 100M) sell out quickly every single year; and, judging from those emails, now I know why!

RunRace also, I'm told, did NOT lose a single timing chip! [And neither did our partner company for the event, TimeToRun.] Everyone turned them back in afterwards, so thank you very much!! All of us tried very hard to put all race results (including splits!) online in as close to Real Time as possible. It's what we were doing, all huddled over those computers inside the back door of the school--just feet from the finish line. We were, yes, "broadcasting." And quite a bit of *that* involved posting photographs in near-Real Time too! Now, how many races have you been to recently that does ALL this? (I.e., treats you like honored guests all throughout, posts your results as fast as you make 'em, and puts your pictures online for all to see even before the race is over? Pretty cool, huh? ;-)

And finally, all these photos all over RunRace's Oil Creek webpages are yours! Yes, you may feel free to copy any pic, put it into your own "Inbox" or "iPhoto" or "Desktop" or send it out to family and friends as you see fit. You can even ask for a copy of any high-resolution original! [What other chip-timing company will give you that? And I do mean *GIVE* you that??]

We also (and I personally) attempted to put "captions" on all the photos, but, hey... there just wasn't enough time. But you are certainly free to use your own imagination! (And label them yourself for your downloads, family, and friends.) Oh, and one last thing, if you do happen to someday win some photo contest with a picture you take from here, give us some credit, won't you? You're quite welcome, of course, and we'd appreciate it.

Hope to see you all next year; and please, in the meantime (this is a joke) check underneath your car for leaks, OK? The local bridges have run-offs, and we DON'T actually want any of your 10W-30 dripping into our Creek!!
Click a thumbnail for its larger image.
Tent Gym.  Yes, runners can actually camp inside the school gym.
Another view of Tent Gym.
You can sit here in the waiting room, or wait here in the sitting room. (Note the big screen TV!)
Yes, there's even coffee!
Notice the big air mattress being carried towards Tent Gym.
Drop Bags and Aid Station just outside the school.
Another view of the schoolside Aid Station.
Is that dew or frost on the ground?
I think it's snow!!
Plenty c-c-c-cold here in PA this morning!
Ghostly stoned runner creeping to the finish?
RunRace-dot-net is manning the stopwatch--electronically!
The Troubmobile made it - despite the best efforts of the Indiana State Police.
This is the stoned girl waiting for that other runner to reach the finish line.
And this stone girl wants to leap out of her seat and shake your hand.
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine
Photo submitted but not published in UltraRunning magazine

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Posted:October 13th, 2012 8:39 am
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