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Title:Green Lakes Endurance Runs 2008
Date:Sunday August 24th, 2008
Author:Mack Duett, photos: S. Baum, T. Perry & G. Farnham
What if you and some friends were shooting hoops and Kobe Bryant stopped by and asked to play? That was the analogy one runner used when Valmir Nunes showed up at the Green Lakes Endurance Runs 100 km event held in Fayetteville, NY on July 24. Nunes, a native of Brazil, is one of the top ranked racers in the world in the 100 km distance and the winner of the 2007 Badwater Ultramarathon. The hot and humid conditions did not prevent Nunes from setting a blistering pace in the 100 km event, eclipsing the old course record by over an hour and 52 minutes. Nunes used the event as a training run for his upcoming participation in the Spartathon in Greece.

This was the 3rd year for the Central New York event. It included 100 km and 50 km races. The races were held at Green Lakes State Park on the same 12.5 km loop course used last year. The course starts along the eastern shore of two beautiful blue-green glacially formed lakes then ascends through an old growth forest by way of two challenging steep trail sections. On topping the second hill, the trail follows the perimeter of a large savannah that local runners call the Serengeti. This section affords runners some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The trail reenters the old growth forest and descends steeply back to the lakes, following the western shore to finish the loop. The racers completed four or eight loops for the 50 km or 100 km distances, respectively.

In addition to Nunes performance, several other records were broken. Elizabeth Carrion set a new women’s record in the 100 km with her 11:17:17 finish time. In the 50 km event, Yassine Diboun took 1st place setting a new course record of 4:04:39, shaving nearly 12 minutes off the record set last year. In addition to the standard overall and age group awards, race director Todd Baum awards three inspiration awards recognizing special performance. Ed Housel was the winner of the Fastest Last Lap (50 km event), clocking his final 12.5 km in 1:05:02. His effort catapulted him from 4th place to 2nd. Elizabeth Carrion won the Even Pace (100 km) award with only a 14:30 difference in time between her fastest lap (2nd) and slowest lap (8th). Her even pacing was a major factor in her record setting performance. Maurice Lee III won the Courage of Trying (100 km) award for his determination to finish the event despite being the last runner under the 87.5 km 12 hour cutoff time. His positive upbeat attitude throughout the event was an inspiration to all.

The combination of late summer heat and humidity with a deceptively difficult course is establishing the 100 km event as one of the more challenging ultra races in North America. For those up to the challenge, next year’s event will be held on August 30.

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